Jeannie Bloomfield
Founder & Designer

Since the age of nine, Jeannie Bloomfield has been sewing and designing clothes. In fact, her very first design was a wrap skirt fashioned from a single piece of fabric – much like The Cirque, many years later.

With her design and fashion skills, Jeannie built a successful custom drapery business. Throughout the life of the business, Jeannie continued to design and create unique outfits and accessories.

Jeannie developed a mastery of Feng Shui – which encompasses the flow of energy and started Intentional Interiors – a conscious design business to work with clients in their homes and office interiors. Her passion for the power of Feng Shui to cultivate life, inspired her to write a book series on Feng Shui for healthy lifestyles, and continue studies in sacred geometry and health advocacy.

Later, at age fifty, Jeannie became interested in belly dance, and costume design, developing a teaching style for women based on posture, poise, and presentation. Her passion for the dance, along with her interest in costuming, led Jeannie to create costumes – based on circle designs – which drew the attention of her students and fans alike. From that point, Jeannie was inspired to create The Cirque.

Life really comes FULL CIRCLE. Jeannie returned to her initial inspiration of the circle and created The Cirque for women everywhere.