Chez Cirque Fashions

From our U.S. Patented convertible seamless design, to streamlined packaging, Chez Cirque Fashions ® has developed a brand promise that is founded on the principles of minimalism, eco-consciousness, versatility, and feminine empowerment. Our values strongly align with the interests and lifestyle of the active, modern female consumer.

Packaging Benefits

We work diligently to reduce waste whenever we can at Chez Cirque Fashions ®. We analyze each part of the process of creating each and every Cirque.

We use the circle cut from the center as packaging for the finished Cirque. This provides a beautiful way to present the product to the customer on arrival and eliminates waste.

The lightweight fabrics and packaging keep shipping costs to a minimum. This allows us to offer Free Shipping without substantially increasing costs – a requirement in today’s ecommerce world.