Chez Cirque Fashions

A Revolutionary Convertible Garment
Fashion Design for Women of
All Sizes, Shapes & Ages

The Cirque

Licensing Opportunity

Rarely does an opportunity become available
to license real innovation in the fashion world.

Primed for the exploding Women's Athleisure Market, Chez Cirque Fashions® has the perfect opportunity for a talented licensing agency to make a significant impact and profit in the fastest growing segment of the fashion industry.


Helping Women Look & Feel Beautiful

Welcome to The Cirque

Introducing the world’s most convertible fashion design developed for the active woman who values quality, utilitarian, eco-friendly and socially-responsible products. Depending on the fabric used, the product can be produced as a luxury item or a necessity good.

Our garments reflect a passion for making every woman look and feel beautiful, elegant and unique for every occasion.

Our United States patented design uses the simplicity of a circle and extraordinary fabrics so women can effortlessly change their look with a single piece of clothing.

A natural fit in the Althleisure clothing market, Chez Cirque Fashions ® offers a high-value, versatile consumer product with low manufacturing costs. 


Endless Possibilities
Tested on Hundreds of Fabrics


Low Manufacturing Costs
Minimal Fabric Waste

The Cirque was created with comfort and ease in mind. Years in the making, we have tested hundreds of types of fabrics that expand the functionality and price-point.

This convertible garment is a seamless design, made from a single piece of cloth in the shape of a circle which allows the fabric to drape beautifully in every style. The simplicity of the design allows for low manufacturing costs and minimal fabric waste, allowing the U.S. PATENTED garment to be both an eco-friendly and utilitarian product.

Introducing...The Cirque

  • Seamless Design from a Simple Circle
  • Offers Dozens of Styles or Expressions with a single garment
  • Utility U.S. Patent #10,772,365

Cirque Style Expressions

Chez Cirque’s U.S. Patented design allows the consumer complete versatility and multi-functionality that adapts to serve her active lifestyle. From the yoga studio to brunch or a casual evening out, the options are only limited by one’s imagination and creativity.

16 distinct style Expressions © that add versatility, functionality, and convertible style to any outfit.

The Cirque Expressions Demo


Happy Customers!


Licensing Opportunity

Chez Cirque Fashions has a unique opportunity for a talented licensing agency to work with us and share the unique, U.S. Patented designs with potential partners and licensees. We received our Utility Patent on September 15, 2020.
U.S. Patent #10,772,365